Thursday, November 20, 2014

CORO Fellows Program | GSPIA


Yesterday was an exciting day! The President and CEO Greg Crowley- of the CORO Fellows Program based in Pittsburgh- along with Sarah Miller, Outreach Manager, gave their time to inform students of the wonderful opportunities with CORO. Here is a short run down of what you missed!

What is CORO?

CORO trains the civic leaders of tomorrow. CORO is a national program in multiple cities across the country- Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City.

How is this accomplished?

CORO aims to bring out the best in people and develop them professionally. They strive to build a more collaborative culture by providing leadership training to get people to the next level. This is done by engaging in a series of projects to support neighborhoods that really need help.

Main points are:
  • address the achievement gap in school
  • catalytic projects working across different sectors in the community- experienced-based learning and working with high stake-holders
  • field-based leadership- realized through self awareness. A point was made that most people have a difficult time recognizing what they are good at and spend most of their time focusing on things they are not good. Self awareness training aims to change this way of thinking.
  • Civic strategy- knowing people and having an action related approach

What do you take away? 



CORO is a full-time nine month program. To get the most of CORO it is preferable to participate after graduation.
Fellows receive a monthly $1,300 stipend and no tuition fee is applicable
Fellows are able to defer their loan payments when participating in CORO
CORO, once again, is not limited to Pittsburgh, one can participate at any of its nation wide programs- St. Louis, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles


January 23rd

Can't commit to a full-time program?

CORO has several part-time programs, too! Leaders in Learning, Women in Leadership, Next Neighborhood Leaders...

For more information on applying to CORO or to learn more about their part-time programs click here